Multiplex sound


Instrumental Track Production

• Personalized instrumental track to elevate your artistry• For vocalists looking for custom backing tracks of songs to cover• For songwriters looking to craft a demo of their original songs

Horn Writing and Production

• Professionally written and recorded horn sections comprised of trumpets and saxes• For producers and artists that need a little extra punch and excitement in their tracks• Custom samples and loops for beatmakers

Mixing and Mastering

• For artists and producers who have finished songs ready for the final stages of production• Get your tracks ready for streaming and distribution


Multiplex Sound is headed by Maurice Soque Jr., a Los Angeles based musician, music producer, and audio engineer. Maurice has dedicated his career to collaborating with artists and musicians to realize their visions and help achieve their personal and professional goals through music and audio. Maurice approaches every project technically and artistically, ensuring stellar quality of work while maintaining the artistic integrity of the project.Maurice’s background in music started as a teenager playing saxophone in jazz and funk bands. The experience he gained through this gave him the skills to help in his acceptance into the Berklee College of Music. While at Berklee he shifted his focus to studio work, and completed a degree in Music Production and Engineering.
Following his graduation he moved to Los Angeles where he began working at recording studios as a recording engineer, and collaborating with musical artists as a producer and session player.
Recently Maurice has been seen accompanying musical acts in the Los Angeles and San Diego area, as well as on the global stage as music director for the virtual reality musical “Non-Player Character” by Brendan Bradley. A full list of Maurice’s work can be found on his credits page.

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